Stainless Steel Grinder Range

Available in our top 6 blends!

Gourmet Seasoned Salts – A unique & healthy blend of quality herbs, spices and naturally pure Himalayan Salt all available in a choice of high quality, stylish & funky grinders. 

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Fire up your Bar-B-Que and add a Power-Packed Punch of flavour to Steak and Sausages with this Paprika & Garlic based seasoning.


Chilli & Garlic

A Fiery Seasoning for lovers of Garlic with a definite Chilli Hit!


Herb & Garlic

An expert blend of Salt, Classic Herbs and Garlic to deliver a superbly balanced Herb flavour.


Himalayan Rock Salt

This Pure & Natural Salt contains 84 Minerals & Trace Elements your body requires for optimum health.


Ocean Blend

Everybody’s favourite! A unique peppery blend of Herbs, combining the bite of Pepper & the zing of Lemon to enhance the flavour of your catch.


Pepper Gourmet

A gentle combination of Aroma, Tang & Colour for connoisseurs of fresh whole Peppercorns. A Punchy Pepper blend with hints of fresh & floral flavours.


4 Pack Sack - Stainless Steel Grinders

Your 4 favourite blends all in the one fabulous Natural Jute Gift Sack


EMPTY - Stainless Steel Grinder

An Elegant Stainless Top grinder with a strong Ceramic Grinding Mechanism that is made to last.


On the Edge

A Mouth-Watering Blend of Chilli & Black Peppercorn. The Heat & the Flavour will add a satisfying Punch to any dish!


Stainless Himalayan / Gourmet Gift Pack

Let's get a bit Fancy! Can't have the Salt without the Pepper so grab a pack with both!


3 Pack Gift Bag with Window - Stainless Steel Grinders

Your 3 Favourite Blends all in the one fabulous Natural Jute Gift bag with clear PVC Window


Sumac Gourmet Salt

A tangy Spice with a sour, acidic Flavour reminiscent of Lemon Juice. Use to brighten up dry rubs, salad dressings...



A tantalizing blend of Italian Herbs & Spices that encapture the true essence of the Mediterranean.


Chilli Lemon

A Fiery Seasoning for lovers of Garlic with a definite Chilli Hit!


Himalayan & Pepper

It makes sense! Why not kill two birds with one stone!



A Sophisticated blend of aromatic spices enhanced with a dash of Coriander & Rosemary.


Rosemary & Garlic

Strongly Aromatic with a warm Peppery undertone. Combined with Garlic this Gourmet Blend is a real winner!



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Is Himalayan Salt really the best for you?
Is Himalayan Salt really the best for you? By Mr Vitamins AddThis Sharing Buttons ShareIf you heard that “real” salt was not white, you probably would not believe it. That’s because table salt has...
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Getting the Best out of your Line 17 Gourmet Seasoned Salt  How do I store my Seasoned Salt? * Keep out of Sunlight * Keep away from moisture & condensation * Keep away from heat * Kee...
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    Traditionally when reaching for a Seasoning to enhance a favourite meal we reach for the Salt (Himalayan of Course!) Salt is a Seasoning beyond question. When it's used well, salt ma...
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