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Getting the Best out of your Line 17 Gourmet Seasoned Salt

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Getting the Best out of your Line 17 Gourmet Seasoned Salt

 How do I store my Seasoned Salt?

* Keep out of Sunlight

* Keep away from moisture & condensation

* Keep away from heat

* Keep in an airtight container or grinder

How long will they last if they are stored correctly?

* Himalayan Salt will last indefinitely

* Spices do not have expiry dates, they simply lose their flavour & aroma over time

* Whole Spice will last up to 2 years

* Ground Spices will last around a year

* Leafy Herbs will last 1 - 2 years

Why has my Seasoned Salt turned clumpy?

* We don't add preservatives or anti-caking agents, so just break up with a spoon and use as before

* It the Seasoned Salt looks a bit moist from humidity or using over steam simply store in the fridge

Can I Refill my Grinders?

* Yes, you most certainly can! Simply unscrew at the stainless band at the bottom of the lid. The containers are also glass so can be washed out between blends

Can I adjust my Grinder to get a Finer or Courser Grind?

* Of course! Simply wind the adjusting screw at the top of the Grinder in an anti-clockwise motion to get a courser grind or a clockwise motion to get a finer grind

Himalayan Grinder Mechanism