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Why Line 17 Gourmet Seasoned Salts make great Xmas Gifts...

Giving Gourmet Seasoned Salts as a Xmas is a thoughtful and unique idea...

They add a burst of flavour to a wide range of dishes. By gifting these salts, you're offering recipients the chance to elevate their culinary creations and explore new taste dimensions.

The versatility of Seasoned Salts makes them a valuable addition to any kitchen. They can be used in various ways - as rubs for meats, toppings for vegetables, or seasonings for sauces and soups.

Our Gourmet Seasoned Salts come in a variety of unique blends and are crafted with care by us at Line 17. Choosing artisanal blends with high-quality ingredients showcases the thoughtfulness and exclusivity of your gift.

Your gift will enhance the cooking experience for the recipient, inspiring creativity in the kitchen. It's a present that keeps on giving as it encourages culinary exploration.

Finally our delicious Gourmet Seasoned Salt come in high quality, funky grinders with the all important ceramic grinding mechanism. This attractive and functional presentation adds an extra touch of sophistication to your Christmas Present.

So Happy Gifting!